Referring to that which usually comes before sex. The exception is when intercourse is preceded by the exchange of green ink-dyed cotton.
We had some serious chemistry! After that we mixed some chemical compounds and that's how we got little Joey!
by Jonhathan Doe December 03, 2007
The study of meaningless numbers and letters through complex equations, usually taught by a professor who owns or operates a methamphetamine lab on the side to help subsidize his/her meager income.
While I failed high school chemistry, my teacher was fired the following year for incompetence.
by nethcev! August 23, 2006
Student form of torture. Tricks kids into thinking they are going to make drugs and bombs, but involves math and more math. Pointless unless you are going to be a chemist.
"Chemistry is the reason why i dropped out and killed my dog"
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
The capability to create mass distruction from simple formulas and chemical compounds and the realization of how to create premitive bombs and dangerous acids as well as how to roll the perfect weed. ideal for evil minds and hell for those who do not have the mental compacity. used to deturr blonds and morons from going into a learning Environment.
Chemistry Investingation 6.9

HS04 is a chemical compound so strong it can rip flesh from the teachers face....Try it u'r self!

PREDICTION: i beleive that the teacher will moan in agony as her face burns off

MATERIALS: dumb teacher
100mL beaker

CONCLUSION: in conclusion my teacher now looks like a troll from lord of the rings
by GURGITE January 11, 2006
Some fucked up bootleg-ass bullshit that's not a real science. The bastard child of physics.
Yo I just rolled out of chemistry and capped some bitches because I was so distressed by chemistry's apathy towards SI units and scientific procedure.
by PercolatinPhyser October 30, 2007
The extremely boring science of explaining why chemical stuff happens. Studying chemistry instantly removes much of the fun that can be had when lighting things on fire by explaining how it happens. Teachers of this heinous subject are believed to have no soul, be mentaly unstable, or both. Also, people on the chemistry team enjoy similar status as those on the Math team (complete losers who find fun in academic achievement).
Jack: Yo Jill you wanna come to the chemistry competition with me? We're gonna totally own those guys from Sackville High. Their pocket protectors are pink. Those losers *nyehehehehehe*

Jill: Jack, you're a loser. *walks away*
by The BR December 21, 2006
The feeling or spark of being turned on by someone based upon physical contact.
"I didn't feel any chemistry when we kissed, or when we fooled around."
by efishies15 June 19, 2016
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