Also known as rape. The University of Arkansas defines it as one or multiple acts of terrorism against many college students, and often leads to the death of children...and GPA's. If confronted with this, know that nothing will save your soul.
College Kid 1: "Man, that Chemistry exam raped me..."
College Kid 2: "Mcdonald's here I come!!!!"
by Mangler Strangler October 10, 2011
1. A school subject that teaches how the elements of the periodic table react. Chemistry is usually associated with "blowing up" and "setting on fire", but its really squinting into a test tube to watch an underwhelming chemical reaction.

2. The connection between two people, usually in a relationship. The sexual aspect is usually more talked about.
Student 1: Oh boy, I'm gonna take Chemistry next year! That means i'll blow stuff up and watch things fume!
Student 2: No it's not. It's balancing shit and watching things make pathetic bubbles.
Student 3: THERE WERE BUBBLES?!?!?!?

I have good chemistry with my girlfriend in bed.
by ThatGuyOverThere2 May 15, 2010
Female euphamism for sexual attraction. Utilized to avoid hurting someone's feelings, but, more importantly, to hide superficiality.
Guy: So, can I see you again?
Gal: I don't think so, Hank. I'm just not feeling any chemistry.
by Vagabond King February 02, 2010
the biggest fuckin waste of time i've ever had the chance to bore my fuckin brains out in. this class is a fuckin bomb. see bomb
Chemstry is a fuckin bomb!
by SKC3 April 12, 2005
satans torture for teenagers shit you don't need or want to know
chemistry is for crack heads
by asshole February 02, 2004
Referring to that which usually comes before sex. The exception is when intercourse is preceded by the exchange of green ink-dyed cotton.
We had some serious chemistry! After that we mixed some chemical compounds and that's how we got little Joey!
by Jonhathan Doe December 03, 2007
The study of meaningless numbers and letters through complex equations, usually taught by a professor who owns or operates a methamphetamine lab on the side to help subsidize his/her meager income.
While I failed high school chemistry, my teacher was fired the following year for incompetence.
by nethcev! August 23, 2006

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