Originated in Slovenia from a herd of aboriganie bovine. The rarest and deadliest form of leprosy. Comes in six different periods or phases. In its developed stages, body parts involuntarily sever connection at the slightest vibration.
I just found out I have chemistry, 3rd period.
by Bhevis September 24, 2003
A class required in high school designed to make your day shit. The driest assholes from your nearest community college are rounded up and given worksheets to keep for their entire teaching career, of which they make endless copies and in an orgy of sadistic joy they throw them at you and tell you to learn. Chemistry itself if the science of the smallest fucking shit in the universe that just so happens to require the most detailed math problems. If you know what you're doing, you probably don't.
"All right students, keep in mind 2 out of 3 times in chemistry, there is an exception to the rule."

"That make's sense. I'll always remember the hydronium concentration of sulfuric acid. That will help me when I'm the fucking president and making ten times more than my chemistry teacher."
by redwings96 May 05, 2013
My first definition of chemistry is the study of chemicals (that's how I remember it) and how they react with each other and how to describe the experience and experiments in the most precise and concise words to be interpreted by other people in the scientific community and hopefully the non-scientific community.

My second definition of chemistry is from pop culture, which seems to mean how people relate to each other. A higher chemistry means people get along with each other well. A lower chemistry means people get along poorly or disagree most of the time.
NOTE: This example tries to combine both definitions to get a shared meaning.

Example: The chemicals are having a good chemistry with each other and reacting to beget inorganic or organic products. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid have excellent chemistry and marry and form their children called sodium chloride and dihydrogen monoxide (commonly known as water by its common name). At the atomic level, the ions are chemically bonding tightly! Yep, it's a real close lovely relationship!
by A. Pupil October 13, 2009
A subject taught in highschool. Mainly the period includes various other subjects such as Maths assignments the day before they are due.
Guy 1: Oh fuck I have a maths assessment tomorrow!
Guy 2: Its alright dude, don't fret. We have chemistry next!
by Aydin Uranium-235 June 30, 2004
Female euphamism for sexual attraction. Utilized to avoid hurting someone's feelings, but, more importantly, to hide superficiality.
Guy: So, can I see you again?
Gal: I don't think so, Hank. I'm just not feeling any chemistry.
by Vagabond King February 02, 2010
Not only the study of the properties of matter and the changes it undergoes, chemistry can also define people's relationships. As all chemists know, chemistry is extremely complicated. Between sublimation, atomic masses, moles, beta and alpha decay, oxidation numbers, emperical formulas, diatomic molecules, stoichiometry, molarity, kinetics, brownsted-lowry acids and bases, titration, redox equations, hydrocarbons, isomers, , and of course the one and only equilibrium, there is so much to understand in the scientific world of chemistry.

However, what some chemists might underestimate is the figure it plays when speaking of "bonds" between two completely different people or molecules. Since they are coming from different families or groups, they of course have different properties and characteristics. Yet through forces of attraction, such as vanderwaals, they are able to bond. This is because chemical reactions occur and two different people exist in equilibrium.

Alright. We are sure you are sick of hearing these chem terms, as are we. So basically chemistry is a way of describing a friendship, not only a science. Although many fights and conflicts occur, there is some sort of chemistry that brings two souls back together. And though they may drift apart, these forces will never be able to be broken. As they say, Chemistry is everything. So I guess friendship is everything.

Gotta go.
Updates soon.
Stay tuned.
And keep it chemiful.
xoxo you know you love us
boron and sulfur

ps. we have lived through this chemistry. so we know it happens. so if you don't believe it. GO TAKE A LAP. ;)
"there's some chemistry.."
by boron and sulfur June 05, 2009
Interactions that originate from personalities.
"He is in dire need of unconditional acceptance and she is exceedingly critical of others. Their chemistry is just awful."
by AbnormalBoy May 11, 2004

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