My first definition of chemistry is the study of chemicals (that's how I remember it) and how they react with each other and how to describe the experience and experiments in the most precise and concise words to be interpreted by other people in the scientific community and hopefully the non-scientific community.

My second definition of chemistry is from pop culture, which seems to mean how people relate to each other. A higher chemistry means people get along with each other well. A lower chemistry means people get along poorly or disagree most of the time.
NOTE: This example tries to combine both definitions to get a shared meaning.

Example: The chemicals are having a good chemistry with each other and reacting to beget inorganic or organic products. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid have excellent chemistry and marry and form their children called sodium chloride and dihydrogen monoxide (commonly known as water by its common name). At the atomic level, the ions are chemically bonding tightly! Yep, it's a real close lovely relationship!
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by A. Pupil October 13, 2009
A High School subject that doesn't have to be so damn necessarily hard to understand. If the book authors learned how to write in lamence terms for us non-scientists, maybe we should be able to cover the whole 30 chapter book in a hour. But noooo... those geeks really had to make it difficult. Actually, they add nothing but demonstrations and no official formulas, and they use big words to explain something as simple as a damn "mole" measurement. Therefore we have to take pen and paper and make our own damn formulas, no thanks to that $50.00 piece of crap.
I read chapter 1 to chapter 10, 75% of it consists of irrelevant situations of how to use what we are learning, in ways we never even thought it could be useless enough. 10% of it is actual examples where you must stare with a blank face and make up your own formulas, 15% is review work which you don't know how to do.
by Chang Tan February 14, 2004
the spawn of satan
I've been doing chemistry for the past 5 hours. It sucks ass. I'm going to kill Dr. White. My hand hurts.
by gemgem April 24, 2003
If you can hack the stigma of the title of geek, a freakin cool degree major
Chemistry?? Dude ya big geek!
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by Nameless Scientist Hero November 27, 2005
pure evil! torture for teenagers who want to pass high school, and get into college.
I need to pass chemistry to get into college.
by Izzy May 21, 2004
Gods cruel practical joke for college kids.
Wow god must really hate me for putting me in chemistry.
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by sdgks November 04, 2010
feelings between people(especially friends and romantic interests) about how they relate to each other, usually positive feelings, interpersonal chemistry
They have got some major chemistry going on.
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by The Return of Light Joker September 13, 2008
One of the four "Natural Sciences" (The others being Maths , Physics and Biology) . Taugt at secondary school , highschool and university.
Firstly taught at 7th grade ( sometime 8th) , chemistry at this level is the study of mole , mass , principles of mass conversion , solutions and compound identification .
Chemistry in highschool mainly focuses on two aspects : Inorganic (10th and 11th Grade) and Organic Chemistry(11th and 12Th grade) .According to students it's one of the most boring subjects ever to have enslaved humanity . Still it's better and more interesting than History , Maths and Physics - The three shits of apocalypse .

After entering college , freshmen often find themselves trapped in the overwhelming matrix of chemistry , cuz there are 5 branches of chemical studies in college and they piss them off. They are:

Inorganic Chemistry : The study of compounds which are non-related to carbon. Nerds love this.
Organic Chemistry : It's fucking complicated but very interesting . Closely related to biology .
Biochemistry : The best subject in college after World of Warcraft .
Analytical Chemistry : The study of analyzing reactions , the bastard child of Maths and Physics .Who gives a fuck about this shit ?
Physical chemistry : Satan himself .

Conclusion : fucking hard , but still better than Maths , Physics , History and Philosy - The new 4 shits of the grand apocalypse .
Matt the nerd : We're havin' Analytical , physical and Organic chemistry today !!!
Bob the fail : FUCK !!!!!
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by DevaDH1994 January 17, 2010
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