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the equivalency of munging Mrs. Heming or Cheming; makes barfing a desirable option
"That guy totally just munged a dead nun!" barf-vomit-barf
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
The Proof:
Heming is stupid and annoying
Heming= stupid x annoying

Annoying people are cotangent with poop dicks
Heming= cos poop dick stupid

The level of stupidity is theta
Hemings level of stupidity is theta
Heming=cos poop dick theta

Heming is Cheming on paper

We conclude:
Cheming=cos poop dick theta
The proof of cheming=cos poop dick theta took merely minutes to think up because cheming is an ugly poop dick.
by Poopsmith April 14, 2003
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