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Shit football team based in West London, who won pretty much fuck all for 50 years, owned and bankrolled by Russian crook Roman Abramovic. Abramovic has so far spunked over 500 million pounds on Chelsea without signing a single truly great player or winning a European trophy and are now fucked since Man City has become the richest club in Europe. When Abramovic eventually gets bored they will be forced to turn Stamford Bridge into luxury flats to pay off their massive debts. If they win it's buy cheating or luck. The Arsenal play the kind of football Chelsea can only dream about.
"Ashley Coles wife has got two cunts"

Away section at Chelsea FC
by fivepointsix August 17, 2009
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An Intercontinental handball team that masquerades as a football club in the Premier League.

Bankrolled by a Russian sugar daddy, most referees extend the rules of football to allow Chelsea the use of their hands in Premier League games. Their star players are John Terry who plays at Centre Backhand and Didier Drogba who is a Striker.

They are consistent rather than spectacular, they don't often drop below their high standards but equally cannot raise their game when it matters - see cup competitions.
With Chelsea fc wealth and back to back premiership titles, what do do people talk about? The fact they haven't won the Champions League - says it all really.
by Danny09 August 27, 2006
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wankers who failed miserably in their attempt to buy a Treble.
Chelsea's player wages: over £150 million
Watching Chelsea stumble to L'Pool: priceless
by GCZ May 07, 2005
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Also see Chelski. A Russian soccer team (should no longer be considered English in origin) housed by London, England. Are the toy of Russian gangster Roman Abramovich (who, for the record, cannot speak English). Use Abramovich's dirty money in an attempt to sign whomever they wish but are often turned down (as was the case with Real Madrid's Raul) as they are 99.9% style and 0.01% substance. Have a limited (and much muted) fan base. Bought the Carling Cup at the expense of Liverpool FC and, more recently, the Premiership at the expense of Arsenal FC and Manchester United FC. Are now attempting to buy the European Cup at the expense of Liverpool and AC Milan/PSV Eindhoven. May succeed (but underservedly so). Are in possession of the most expensive (and cheating) squad in the world (including ball-handling expert Tiago). Are 2005's team and will prove to be 2005's team only.
Chelsea FC robbed Liverpool FC of the Carling Cup in the 2004/2005 season.

Chelsea FC will attempt to rob Liverpool FC of the European Cup in the 2004/2005 season.

Chelsea FC are inferior to Arsenal FC.

Chelsea FC's fan base, confined to East London and East Europe (Russia), is inferior to that of West Ham United FC.
by UNTERMENSCHEN May 02, 2005
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Proof that money can buy you anything, including the Premiership title, provided you have enough of it to throw around. See also Chelski.
If we had a tenth as much cash to spend as Chelsea FC, we'd be playing in Europe.
by ud40 February 23, 2005
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An English Team based in London.

1. Have no talent.
2. Win games with luck.
3. Overjoy themselves by beating teams like Arsenal and Liverpool and lose the premierleague at the end.
4. Have a great coach.
5. He is sometimes arrogant but so r other managers
6. Compared to Manchester United they are just a bunch of twats.
7. Supported by blue bastards who think they could rule the world
8. A team that rapes the referee and demand a fucking blow job.
9. And to sum it up they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manchester United rules.
Yes Red forever and ever
We rule and u cant stop us
The more u hate us the more we'll stick it up ur ass and prove u wrong
Manchester United-always look on the bright side of life-sheer class.
by Glory Glory Man United February 16, 2005
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