An English Team based in London.

1. Have no talent.
2. Win games with luck.
3. Overjoy themselves by beating teams like Arsenal and Liverpool and lose the premierleague at the end.
4. Have a great coach.
5. He is sometimes arrogant but so r other managers
6. Compared to Manchester United they are just a bunch of twats.
7. Supported by blue bastards who think they could rule the world
8. A team that rapes the referee and demand a fucking blow job.
9. And to sum it up they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manchester United rules.
Yes Red forever and ever
We rule and u cant stop us
The more u hate us the more we'll stick it up ur ass and prove u wrong
Manchester United-always look on the bright side of life-sheer class.
by Glory Glory Man United February 16, 2005
Top Definition
Contrary to popular belief, are actually the first team to field an all foreign starting 11 in the premier league. look it up!!

all foreing squad however--that was arsenal
chelsea fan- arsenal are a bunch of jonny-foreigners!the're the first team to field an all foreign starting 11.

arsenal fan- actually, chelsea fc fielded a foreign starting 11 against southhampton in 1999, some six years before arsenal.
by jonnyearl April 28, 2008
1. Amazing Football team
2. Also known as "The Blues"
3. Sings chants such as "we'll keep the blue flag flying high" and "blue is the colour"
4. Coached by Jose Mourinho
5. Amazing players such as Duff, Cole, Terry, Drogba, Lampard, Robben, Cech, Essien, etc

We'll keep the blue flag flying high!
Super Chelsea, Super Chelsea, Super Chelsea FC!
by chelseafan13 April 22, 2006
an English team that is supposedly based in the SW London area.
Da, nyet, Chelski isz za shite teaam vrom Moskva!
by International Bad Boy February 26, 2005
Similar to the football team you support... but better.

Unless you support Chelsea that is...
Chelsea shit on arsenal, palace and all the other inferior london based football clubs...
by J January 18, 2005
the best english team. With members such as lampard and cech. liverpool are alright but chelsea are still better
chelsea fc rule
manchester united have no future
by insomniac16 July 31, 2006
Simply the best team in the world. With homegrown stars like Terry and Lampard, upcoming talent like Sturridge and Bruma, and Seasoned Pros like Didier Drogba, Petr Cech, and Zola, no wonder the Blues are the best thing on the planet. However, teams such as: Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool all suck. They all rely on foreign countries to staff their teams, and put in quite alot of money in the 2009/2010 season in which Chelsea hoisted not one but two trophies above their collective heads. They boast the 2009/2010 Golden Boot Winner and the Golden Glove Winner. No way to doubt the Blues are the best. Ancelotti's eyebrow said so.
With a resounding 6-0 win over some pipsqueak team, Chelsea FC clinched the EPL Title, leaving Manchester United, Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool in their dust.
by ChelseaBlue8thegreat January 15, 2011
The best football team on EARTH. With the likes of Robben, Lampard, Terry, Gudjohnson, Carvalho, Joe Cole being the kings of the certainly cannot fuck with this team!
The blues are the best!
by BlankGirl May 09, 2005
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