The testicle of an African man.

Origin: blend of Chocolate and Egg
I was at the gym the other day and saw the most enormous chegg peaking out of this black dude's boxers.
by cheggs4life September 16, 2009
Top Definition
AKA The Chicken or the Egg. Located in Beach Haven, NJ. (Long Beach Island) Open 24 hrs in the summer, with the best staff and notorious buffalo wings. Ludacris wings have made grown men cry, people puke, and you are an idiot if you try them. Definately the best place in the world.
Weds nite is wing nite at the Chegg..... most people come in wasted, scarf down bout 50 wings and then throw up all over the place. Gotta love Jersey in the summer.
by anya104 April 22, 2007
A place where college students can rent textbooks rather than buy them at a huge discount. Students can always use the coupon code "CC111294" for an 11% discount on their order!
I just used Chegg coupon code "CC111294" and save $176 on my Business Law book!
by Chegger March 12, 2010
Cheese + Eggs = Cheggs.

Everyone's favorite delicious breakfast food.
Nic, you better not be eating cheggs. Go to jail!
by cerealdan August 09, 2007
Chocolate + Eggs = Cheggs

Slang for the black man's testicles.
I was at the gym the other day and saw the most enormous pair of cheggs flopping around in the locker room.
by cheggs4life September 16, 2009
Someone who has an egg shaped head and also has a chode.
I heard that guy has a chode! Ya he also has an egg shaped head. Ya that would make him a chegg!
by Small man October 07, 2013
A dish consisting of chili and eggs that can only be consumed between the hours of 2 and 4:30am on a Saturday morning after a long night of alcohol comsumption. The mixture is sloppy with a runny consistency but highly addictive for curing a hangover from the previous evening allowing for continuous ingestion of alcoholic substances
Hey bro I'm so hungry and we're out of beer. Let's head up to Jim's and get some cheggs and by the time we're done they'll start serving beer at the grocery store!
by 6stringhacker February 16, 2013
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