the greatest person the world has ever seen. As in "i like cheese"
"i love cheez wiz, hes the greatest person ever"
by cheez wiz September 28, 2003
Top Definition
Artificial cheese. One chemical away from being seran wrap.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
lethal spray cheese it can kill a person if used wrongly
you wanna go
yeah bitch
look out *takes out cheez-whiz*
by Phishr December 18, 2004
BAAAAAH i looooove ma cheez whizz!!!!!
i no i waaaaaaaaaaant it!
"cheez whiz, you know you want it!"
by hobo powers August 24, 2003
(1) Essence of pure cheezy goodness
(2) Common anal lubrication
(3) Cause of human suffering( i.e., sexually transmitted diseases).
nigga, u so pie! Now gimme tha cheez whiz sos i can git my dick in yo ass, mutha fucka
by oldscholluva July 26, 2003
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