In relation for video games, someone who uses unfair or repetative methods to win a game.
"Man, you're so cheesy!"
by Bean April 01, 2003
1. smell given off by unwashed bobbys helmet.
2. lardy arsed police officer with por socila skills.
See also "Ginger get" as in "Cheesy, you Ginger get!!"
by Spencer October 02, 2003
Wonderful, beautiful, cute, sexy, awesome, clever and fun girl, who is a beautiful, very loveable.
Cheesy is so cute!
by polesp August 02, 2009
1) Any form of entertainment (music, movies) or aesthetic (hair style, photo pose) that the status quo has deemed fully open to ridicule, usually with no explanation. More specifically, the status quo here being that of Generation X. "tacky" and "dated" are closely related words, but far from being exact synonyms.

2) Anything the speaker doesn't like, which makes it an immensely vague adjective

3) A term embraced by young self-proclaimed non-conformists, to hypocritically distinguish what they've been taught to dislike from what they've been taught to like
"Family Ties? That show was so cheesy!"

"Ha ha ha...Cameron just bought these used hair metal CDs he found in the store. The CDs are so cheesy! In fact, we hated them so much, that we kept listening to them last night and singing along until 4 in the morning."
by Bill M. July 23, 2004
Something that is Cliché or overdone. Examples are livestrong bands, crank dat soulja boy, or outdated slang.
Cheesy Person: Hey Wazzup dawg!!??!? we in this shizzle

Me: That's so cheesy, ghetto people don't even talk like that
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
Things done or said to someone which may make someone feel special or loved while others who see or hear these would be like: "eeww go get a room"

Things done or said that would make other parties feel the goosebumps
John: You are the love of my dear life
Jacki : Awwww, stop that! you are so cheesy sometimes!

Lauren (bystander) just feeling the chills and thinking "EWW GO GET A ROOM"
Robert (bystander) also feeling the chills and thinking "yup they need a room"
by kakashisensaiz September 09, 2016
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