Being in the state after having one too many hits of a peace pipe or blunt.
"Man, old boy Fat Cheddar was cheesy as fuck after blazin' that Phillie Titan."
by bigSHAYT September 18, 2003
n. ridiculously sweet; expressing amazement, reverence, awe, or excitement; heart-stirring

vb. also "cheesing" is used to describe a person with an uncontrolable grin usually caused by a mischievious act of their own doing, a result of drug use, or strong feelings for another.
I was just cheesing (beaming with a big cheesy smile) like a little kid in a candy store.
by HayHay1632 December 12, 2010
Wants to get the impression of luxurious,but it's cheap.Fake.
Cliche,you don't want to do something but you feel you must b/c other people will like you then.
red roses.

cheesy singers that sing deeply so you can say oh that was moving.what an emotional ...crap!
by mimagirlsecondwavefeminism March 08, 2009
Not living up to a standard. Less than par. Not as good as one would expect.
The show was really good. So they made a bunch of cheesy copies that were really bad and were nothing like the original.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
The state of being lethargic or lazy.
Can also be used to refer to something to difficult or involving excessive amounts of work.
1) Person 1: "Let's go get some tacos."
Person 2: "I am way too cheesy. Let's just sit here."

2) Person 1: "We have to finish this school project, dude."
Person 2: "Man, it is way too much cheese."
by AD-og June 19, 2007
A term used by suburban teenagers that is synonymous with the word "high" or "fucked up"

It was originally designed as a secret word that one could use in public without anyone around them knowing but it was always obvious what they were talking about
Person #1: Let'so get cheesy! See, if we say it like that, they don't know what we're talkin about.

Person #2: You're an idiot...
by Mr. Super January 18, 2007
Rich, full of money, having fat pockets. Being loaded with dough and rolling with paper. Derivative of the slang words "cheddar" and "cheese".
My wallet is cheesy.
by Bill Yonaire October 02, 2004
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