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sentimental, maudlin, melodramatic, corny
That Celine Dion song is so cheesy.
by elricky February 26, 2004
A term used by suburban teenagers that is synonymous with the word "high" or "fucked up"

It was originally designed as a secret word that one could use in public without anyone around them knowing but it was always obvious what they were talking about
Person #1: Let'so get cheesy! See, if we say it like that, they don't know what we're talkin about.

Person #2: You're an idiot...
by Mr. Super January 18, 2007
'Cheesy' ... the grit that formulates in the hole of your fleshy when streatching your ear.
'your ears all cheesy'
by stuff February 22, 2005
Happy and good esp. in dance music such as classic cheese.
Some music may be cheesy, but it is not corny or bad, just happy and good.
by Paul January 02, 2004
Being in the state after having one too many hits of a peace pipe or blunt.
"Man, old boy Fat Cheddar was cheesy as fuck after blazin' that Phillie Titan."
by bigSHAYT September 18, 2003
So romantic that its lame.
a couple is lying under the starry night

boy: *counts stars* 1 2 3... 1000. I wish upon 1000 stars, that we could be together forever.

Thats cheesy.
by captain awesomeness August 07, 2009
an adjective to replace cool, awesome, hot, etc.
"That new shirt is so cheesy!"
by Em February 20, 2005
Rich, full of money, having fat pockets. Being loaded with dough and rolling with paper. Derivative of the slang words "cheddar" and "cheese".
My wallet is cheesy.
by Bill Yonaire October 02, 2004