It is the holy spirit of Cheese. Many cheese-makers pray to him, and believe that he alone has the power to turn milk, into cheese.
Thank Cheesus, the swiss is holey!

In the name of Gouda, we praise Cheesus.
by Phiduo June 02, 2009
The Saviour of all Cheese.
Can been seen at The Last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci... next to the grapes.
A religious figure on which many religions base their worship.
Man Stubs Toe on Coffee table.

Man shouts, "Cheesus Christ!"
by Rvd Cheese February 05, 2010
The form of jesus seen in cheese flavoured chips such as cheetos, cheese and bacon balls, doritos, etc.
person a: what have u got for lunch?
person b: i have a pack of cheetos *opens packet*, want some?
person a: suree, *takes a cheeto* OMFG FTW THERES A CHEESUS IN UR CHEETOS!!!! :"D
by shezbomb June 08, 2009
the 5th form of a ssj. so ridiculous they decided to involve cheese with the name
some ssj4 guy: well now im gonna go cheesus!
evil dude: what?
some ssj4 guy: ahhhhurrrrahhhhurrahhhh!!!!fuck!!
evil dude: im gonna go make a sandwich..
by goldenboy213243224545233 July 22, 2009
a fan of string cheese incident they are usually dirty wooks that slur words, but have hearts of gold make friend with them at all costs
Yo man that donnie kid is a total cheesus he saw them at red rocks.
Cheesus Christ our Lord, worshipped by many cheese fanatics/ religious followers.
'I don't care if the whole world freezus, as long as ve got my cheddar cheesus'
by crazysarah118 March 16, 2005
He's a holy spirit! Made of solid Milk Curd!
Mmm-mmm-mmm! Thas sum good cheesus!
by Zach G. November 24, 2004

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