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A robot invented by a Chef who had lost his sense of smell in an episode of "That Mitchell And Webb Look". Could only identify cheese and "petril".
"Cheesoid kill self! Cheesoid kill self with petril! Why petril not burn?"
"No Cheesoid, that's not petrol!"
"PetROL! That's cheese!"
"Not petril?"
"Hate self! Why Cheesoid exist? Cheesoid so lonely..."
by David Ratcliffe March 08, 2008
Variant of cheesy. Specifically applied to garish commercial buildings constructed of cheap, engineered materials such as plywood, vinyl, plexiglass, fiberglass, or styrene. Also applies to a half-assed, homemade attempt at a slick, mass-produced, or corporate aesthetic.
"Make a left at the cheesoid nail salon."
"I found a whole stack of cheesoid promo CDs at Goodwill today."
"I keep getting these fake checks in the mail from cheesoid loan companies."
by bill heehan April 21, 2006
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