One who worships cheese and the cheese god; otherwise known as god.
"Cheese is god"
"I am a cheesist"
by lucas July 20, 2004
Top Definition
One who hates cheese.
Bob: I hate cheese so much.
Bill: I didn't know you were a cheesist.
by asdl;fjl August 03, 2009
1. One who thinks they're too good for Kraft American Singles.

2. A person that is prejudice toward bright orange American cheese.

3. A person that will not eat cheese at all.
Those cheesist Californians think their palettes are too refined to enjoy the simple pleasures that are Kraft American Singles.

Your chubby friend that keeps unwrapping and eating cheese slices out of our fridge, he's definitely not cheesist.
by ~RoB May 26, 2011
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