Getting high off of cat urine.
After the cat pissed in his face, he was totally cheesing and he ran around town naked.
by blahhhhhhhh ainsley March 26, 2008
Getting high off cat piss. Like in South Park
When Kenny started cheesing, he became a genuinely fun guy.
by Porch Monkey 4 Life March 26, 2008
after you eat a whole bag of 1.29 cheetos you got the thick layers of cheese on your fingers begin to wipe the cheese on some unsuspecting victims back.
that nigga was cheesing me after he ate all them cheetos yo.
by Chris Sellitto December 17, 2007
Drinking cat piss to get high.
Dude, Kenny is cheesing too much!
by 3eons March 26, 2008
Using cheese (preferably the processed slices) and throwing it at other cars (windshields or open windows) as they are driving. Those usually sitting in the shotgun or backseat seats do the cheesings, as the driver speeds away.
It is best to go cheesing on warm nights when people may leave thier car windows down.
by DoraLaun April 17, 2006
to quit or not show up for somthing
man are you cheesing on me
by poo flinger October 21, 2003
A word one uses in uncivilized conversation to describe another who is a slut.
"Did anyone see that girl round here who was totally cheesing?"
by sobe April 24, 2003
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