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n. To get high off of a cat's urine.

An unusual but existing method of getting a buzz amongst kids, made famous by the show South Park.
He's cheesing his f-ing balls off, man!

Dude, let's cheese.

Let's cheese, dude.
by Yamalla March 26, 2008
Huffing cat urine to get high.

While cheesing you generally hallucinate scenes from the 1981 Animated film "Heavy Metal."

Originates from the South Park episode titled "Major Boobage"
"Kenny skipped school and stayed home cheesing."
by buda222 March 26, 2008
In South Park, cheesing is the act of inhaling the scent of or ingesting male cat urine with the intention of getting high.
"What were you doing last night?" "Oh, I was cheesing off my cat"

"Hey guys, I'm fucking cheesing my balls off!"

"I'm not cheesing, I've never cheesed once in my life!"
by Rotard12a March 26, 2008
Huffing concentrated male cat urine to get high
"Holy crap, Kenny is cheesing balls right now!"
by ast05002 March 26, 2008
Cheesing is the sniffing of cat urine to get high.

Who ever keeps giving thumbs down to the above definitions of cheesing, all of which are perfectly valid should be fucked in the ass with a broom stick so there!
by Ipso facto April 20, 2008
Getting high off of cat urine.
After the cat pissed in his face, he was totally cheesing and he ran around town naked.
by blahhhhhhhh ainsley March 26, 2008
sniffing cat urine in order to get high
Kenny danced naked through South Park after cheesing his cat.
by Scooteristi March 26, 2008