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The act of getting high from sniffing highly concentrated cat urine obtained when a male cat marks his territory in the presence of another male cat.
"Dude what you on man"
"I'm freaking cheesing man"
by ibeattetris March 26, 2008
7 12
To snort cat urine causing a state of euphoria
Kenny skipped school because he was home cheesing
by Spartanboi24 March 26, 2008
7 12
The act of getting high by sniffing male cat urine.
Dude i think Kenny's home cheesing right now.
by StanMarsh March 26, 2008
8 14
the act of smoking a drug made up of concentrated cat urine. The high is that similar to acid.
Dude im cheesing my fucking balls off
by jimihendrix111 October 30, 2008
2 9
(verb) - the act of very playful flirting with a girl for sake of trying to get into her pants
"Hey dude, i say you cheesing with the bitch last night at the party."

"Don't be a pussy and go cheese with that girl!"

"You have been on a dry spell as of lately Mark, why don't you try cheesing with that girl, she looks like a slut."
by Norte Refers March 28, 2008
16 23
The act of getting high from snorting cat pee.
OMG! Kenny is cheesing!
by ksoul March 26, 2008
7 14
Tripping on cat urine.
Dude, I'm totally cheesing right now...
by Jutters March 26, 2008
2 9