the act of getting high from cat urine.
Mason: So wanna go cheese?

Joe: Hell yes I love cheesing! I wanna cheese until I poop myself!

Mason: Me too! I love to poop!

Joe: I'm gonna go cheese and then give your mom a stone cold stunner! 3:16!!!!!
by Joe Lattuca March 26, 2008
Getting high off concentrated cat urine that is produced when male cats are marking their territory in response to other male cats
He's cheesing his fucking balls off right now
by elau March 26, 2008
The act of getting high from sniffing highly concentrated cat urine obtained when a male cat marks his territory in the presence of another male cat.
"Dude what you on man"
"I'm freaking cheesing man"
by ibeattetris March 26, 2008
The act of getting high by means of sniffing cat urine.
"Kenny is in Cartman's attic cheesing his brains out."
by Dean Wilcox March 26, 2008
n. To get high off of a cat's urine.

An unusual but existing method of getting a buzz amongst kids, made famous by the show South Park.
He's cheesing his f-ing balls off, man!

Dude, let's cheese.

Let's cheese, dude.
by Yamalla March 26, 2008
Huffing cat urine to get high.

While cheesing you generally hallucinate scenes from the 1981 Animated film "Heavy Metal."

Originates from the South Park episode titled "Major Boobage"
"Kenny skipped school and stayed home cheesing."
by buda222 March 26, 2008
The act of getting high by sniffing male cat urine.
Dude i think Kenny's home cheesing right now.
by StanMarsh March 26, 2008

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