A totally hot little chickie that you just want to grab and bang the friggin hell out of.
Dude, check out those cheesers over there!
by irvinesucks August 25, 2007
foreskin on a weener
the lil jew has a cheeser
the kids cheeser was 12 inchs over his knob
the french kid had a fromage
the dirty kid had a moldy blue cheese
by printo August 23, 2006
One who takes everything on the internet seriously and likes to starts fights with people over small details.
Man, what a cheeser, he tried to get me banned for saying "fag"
by BrainToad November 19, 2005
nida is a cheeser, meaning she is a cheeser
Nida is a cheeser, a really big cheeser
by bob September 25, 2004
A fart
UUUUUGH. I smell a cheeser.
by uDefs November 08, 2014

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