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Someone who is dirty looking and/or greasy and gross. but they are dressed up nice in a suit and tie
Eww look at that nasty cheeser. they do not need to be wearing such nice clothes
by ilovesharpiecolors October 26, 2011
derived from the word said while posing for a picture "say cheese" a cheeser is a smile. when someone is cheesin there usually smiling. a cheeser is an excessively large smile. Cheeser can also can be used as a verb
I think ill be cheesin hard in my graduation picture
Did u see the cheeser on Bob wen they called out his name over the PA
by PhillyDude5 March 10, 2006
Someone that is consistent in making comment or gesture that is not funny nor tasteful, at the same time this individual usually thinks he or she is actually funny or appropriate.
"Ha ha... Did you hear Nate when he was talking to that customer and trying to sell them carpet? He's major "CHEESER".
by CA March 29, 2004
A very square, cheesy person who constantly makes an arsehold of his/herself
God I wish he'd leave me alone...he's a right cheeser
by Tracey August 29, 2003
A dirty vagina that's stench resembles that of cheese.
"The doctor said I have a infertious cheeser. I will have to undergo intense radiation for the next year and a half, afterwards I will probably be shot."
by Anonymous January 05, 2003
A Person whos fat hangs down over there peins
1. look at the cheese on the fat ass over here
2. Your such a cheeser you have to lift you fat up to pee
by mitch man November 06, 2007
Cheesehead, someone from Wisconsin, the Dairy State.
No, don't take the tollway, on Sunday it'll be full of cheesers heading home.
by Chicago Lee August 28, 2006