One who sells cheese
I got some mozzarella from my cheesemonger
#syn- cheddar seller #riccota spot #parmesean don #man-o'cheez #romano place
by usinthelittlehouse March 07, 2006
Top Definition
vendor of cheese or indeed purveyor of interesting ideas
The cheesemonger showed us his wares


That guy is a real cheesemonger
by cheesemonger January 23, 2004
A Cheese Monger is someone that sells cheese. This is not including Frumunda Cheese.
I got this crumbly blue from that cheese monger down the street.
#cheese #seller #slanger #cheese slanger #cheese monger #monger
by Mitchca April 10, 2006
Seller of cheese for personal or domestic uses
The cheesemonger showed us his wares
by bob November 23, 2002
a bitch, whore, slut, ass-wipe, bastard, hoe, punk, etc..
patrick your a fucking cheese monger, you bitch
#bitch #whore #slut #cock sucker #penis beater
by Nick . July 11, 2006
A person owning land in Wisconsin and is unwilling to sell.
That cheesemonger won't settle on a selling price for that Frank Llyod Wright house.
by WannaMonger ChessyBe March 16, 2004
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