Someone who is so fucking cheesy and gay that you're sure their dick is made out of cheese.
John is such a fucking tree hugging, pansy, liberal cheesehorn.
by blackout May 17, 2004
Top Definition
A pejorative term for a nerd or geek - a studiously intellectual person with social ineptitude and obsessive interests - who, instead of possessing the socially redeeming pop culture-based qualities which comprise "nerd culture" or "geek chic", is intrinsically uncool and unstylish, following in the traditional definition of "nerd".

In short, a cheese horn is an academic nerd in the archetypal 'Revenge of the Nerds' variety rather than a pop culture junkie. While a nerd/geek may be into 'Star Wars' or comic books, a cheese horn is more likely to be into chess or computer manuals. While a geek/nerd may like to play video games, a cheese horn is more likely to take apart a HAM radio. While a geek may wear a hip t-shirt of a movie, a cheese horn is more likely to wear a dress shirt with a pocket protector.
Eugene's a total cheese horn: he took his CPU as his date to the prom.
by Skibs McCullock July 09, 2015
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