confused in such a fasion that may allow a person to display negative emotions
"Dag-nabbit!! That really cheeses me off.!"
by airbauer February 04, 2005
Top Definition
pissed, pissed off
damn she she waz cheesed as fuck
by NiGGa July 01, 2004
Mad or pissed off about something; really angry.
Person: Yo I lost my fuckin hat and now I'm cheesed
by pharcyd3 January 03, 2006
A word niggas use to say " I AM ANGRY"

non-nigga: hah, I like cheese too
by NIGGA TECHNOLOGY!!!!!! February 15, 2009
1.) What happens to a joke when it is followed by someone else's lame addition to the joke.

2.) When someones irritating or obnoxious laugh ruins an otherwise hilarious joke.
Jim: "What's Helen Keller's favorite movie? Around the block in 80 days!


Luigi: "Ooooh, Jim, your joke got cheese'd!"

Jim: "Damn"
by TheCatfish March 26, 2010
1) An expression used to describe the way you fit one object in between two other.

2) An expression used to describe the way you opened/are opening something.


I) Guy_1: Bit of a tight parking job don't you think?

Guy_2: Yeah I know I really cheesed it in there.

II) ~There was only a small space left to fit GTA V on the shelf, so I cheesed it in there as best as I could...


I) ~Want me to cheese open a bottle of wine?

II) ~ Lost my house key on the bus, had to cheese my basement door open...

III) ~After many attempts the passenger finally cheesed open his passage of airplane peanuts...
by Gilligan4283 November 18, 2013
1.To be subject to the theft or persistent asking for of one of the following objects: any food item, chewing tobacco, homework assignments, or alcoholic beverages.
2. An insult reffering to one who proceeds in the act of cheesing.
1.Man, where's my chew?
I dunno, you must have been cheesed.
2. Man, where's my chew?
Oh, I borrowed some, was gonna tell you.
Fuck you cheese
by fidman March 02, 2005
the act of getting screwed over and/or hurt in some way. Also used specifically as one type of cheese (cheddard, swissed, gorgonzolaed etc.)
I bought that girl mad drinks and danced with her all night. I thought I could take her home but she cheesed me and left with her boyfriend.
by CeeeFresh September 04, 2011

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