the act committed by two people by either
1. One holds down a victim and the other pulls down his own pants and farts in the face of the other - bare ass to face
2. victim does a sit-up and when he sits up there us a bare ass in his face
I so just cheesecaked that kid.
by Mz. KNow-it-all June 01, 2003
a guy i met in the middle of the street on a drunken night that had a long fingernail
i just fucked a cheesecake

i fancy that cheesecake

my unckle pat said that when i am 16 i can go and find my own cheesecake

by pat July 12, 2004
When you walk around a mall with your friends and you see a ridiculously nice female approaching.
Man #1: Sees hot blonde with dangerous curves in a short red dress and then he yellsCHEESECAKE!

Then his friends look around for that nice female and then they yell cheesecake when they see her.
by The 10 Inch Terror January 28, 2009
A Cake Made Of Cheese
A Cake Made Of Cheese? No... I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick
by Stevie G January 27, 2004
fucking someone up the nose
that nigga got cheesecaked.
by bloodredskies January 15, 2007
a phrase to define life
"life is a cheesecake"
by PandaBobcheesecakebanna235 May 17, 2006
a newfound codeword for cocaine used primarily by people who have grown used to the main words such as coke, sniff and charlie.
hey have you got any decent cheesecake
by ghettodave 09 December 26, 2010

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