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Derogatory word for a white person (instead of cracker, etc). This comes from the thought that white people have skin "as white as a cheesecake."
That cheesecake can't dance.
by LeeuRex March 25, 2009
5 25
What time it is, woot woot!
"What time is it?!" "Cheesecake! Woot woot!"
by Major Sunshine March 13, 2009
0 20
The act of giving a woman a creampie while she has a yeast infection.
Dude....I don't feel too good....I was banging this chick without a condom and I gave her a cheesecake.
by The Bobfather August 16, 2011
8 29
"a ritch tart"
1. a tasty tasty desert

2.that girl in your class who's a bit of a hore. All guys like the cheeseckae cos they're in with a chance, all girls hate the cheesecake because the cheesecake belives herself to be better than them because the cheesecake owns a real designer hanbag. The cheesecake is a a pretty fit bird, but a bit of a chav. She has one devoted side-kick who she doesn't actually like.

boy 1: check out the cheesecake
boy 2: f-i-t
girl1: check out the cheesecake
girl 2: what a slag
by hahagotya January 07, 2007
8 29
A cake made of cheese, cheese and cake...cheese and cake...if it wasn't already an established dessert, would you eat it? Would you? No i thought not...unless you happen to be a goat...

(in the same way that carrot cake is wrong, a vegetable cake?)
"want some cheesecake?"
"WHAT!??!? cake?...
...oh go on then"
by Fiffles August 16, 2004
4 25
the act committed by two people by either
1. One holds down a victim and the other pulls down his own pants and farts in the face of the other - bare ass to face
2. victim does a sit-up and when he sits up there us a bare ass in his face
I so just cheesecaked that kid.
by Mz. KNow-it-all June 01, 2003
6 29
a guy i met in the middle of the street on a drunken night that had a long fingernail
i just fucked a cheesecake

i fancy that cheesecake

my unckle pat said that when i am 16 i can go and find my own cheesecake

by pat July 12, 2004
3 27