when someone jizzes in someones sandals then hides them in the freezer. Then later slides out the frozen jizz, thus making the cheese cake.
This cheese cake looks a bit white
by david bighairy June 14, 2011
a male individual, who acts pompously and thinks of himself having a high fashion sense, when in reality looks dull and vain.

1) An individual who can be described as "cheesy".

2) Somebody having an uninspired fashion sense, and always dressed in according to the mainstream; one who wants to be known wearing designer labels, choosing clothing where label names can be read clearly.

3) A man who thinks highly of himself and not is not aware of his faults.

4) A person, to whom negative qualities of a stereotypical male can be applied to, a macho.

5) A man who is uninteresting to the opposite sex beyond his looks and appearance.
"Did you see Natasha's new boyfriend?", "Yeah, what a cheesecake!"

"What do you think about the new nightclub in town?" "Ah, it is so dull, full of cheesecakes!
by sonicth May 01, 2011
When a male ejaculates on a womans face and then proceeds to headbutt the woman , resulting in her nose breaking and blood and semen to cover her entire face.
Girl 1: So did you have sex with cornelius last night?

Girl 2: No , he cheesecaked me and then threw me into the river.

by blaine Xtremius February 03, 2011
The call sign for hefty lumpy headed Puerto Ricans.
Hey who is Cheese Cake.....Oh its that fat lump headed Puerto Rican Guy over there...
by Cairo10-11 February 01, 2011
1.) Tasty treat.

2.) Loving person that uses cheesey jokes and puns to often.
3.) Usually filled with ricotta cheese and topped with fruit or chocolate
person1: what's for dessert?
person2: cheesecake
person1: OMG!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!

cheesecake: omg *cheesey joke* <3
person1: ur such a cheesecake but i love u too
by nipunkottage January 14, 2011
Inappropriate gestures made on bus girls and waitresses at The Cheesecake Factory. For example, a misunderstanding due to language barriers leads to unwanted smooches and other unfriendly customer gestures.
Brad just pulled a Cheesecake again
by B. Weis December 28, 2010
A Good looking/cute Brahmin girl.
San:Damn Man, didnt know u were into Cheese-Cakes
Parth: Nah she loves Jesus
by sansailesh October 13, 2010

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