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my favourite 'alternative insult' used in company that you dont like to swear around. (elderly relatives, strict teachers, friends who fear the 4-letter words mentioning no names ALFIE)
also someone who is really cheesy.
ya cheesecake!
busted are complete cheesecakes.
by goo December 06, 2004
A code word for sex.
Uh, hey baby, how 'bout a little cheesecake.
by Supry One September 13, 2004
Slang:/ Marijuana, weed, pot,
"This is some tasty cheesecake, bro"!
by Margaret September 03, 2004
Sexually insecure... you think he might me an ass bandit, but you're not sure.
I just don't know about Ben.. he's such a cheesecake.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
Occurs in a men's locker room, the victim is bent over, tying their shoe or something when another male sticks his bare ass in his face and farts.
Damn yo, you got cheese caked before gym everyday this week.
by markus June 26, 2004
The act of giving a female head
Giving her sexual favors
Striving to make a girl happy

Drived from the show making the band and the cheesecake walk most commonly related to dylan

"he wants us to walk to brooklyn to get him chesscake"
yo my boyfriend gave me some good ass cheesecake last night.

I been waitin to get some cheesecake all day gurl

I dont know what it is man but its somthin about it bro gurls love cheesecake
by Deanna February 13, 2004
Soft, like a pussy ass nigga.
That boy Cedric, was cheese cake compared to me!
by Sada November 27, 2003