Most other definitions for Chessecake on here are a little skewed in all actuality it means. When one is sleeping prefferably on the floor you drop your pants spread your asscheeks put your anus on thier nose and fart..... SEE ALSO Chocolate Cheesecakeand a females only version the Boisenberry Cheesecake
"There was a guy passed out on the floor and I Cheesecaked his dumb ass."
by Beanie Crocker "Cook coke proper" January 03, 2008
To hit a bong so hard that you can't see through the smoke in the chamber.
The thick smoke is said to resemble cheesecake.
"That was a huge hit, you really cheesecaked that bong."
by the Pro Sto October 26, 2007
What woman (and sometimes other men) eat/swallow that comes from men. Basically... oral sex.
"She was eating cheesecake all during their honeymoon!"
by yourwomangisele October 16, 2007
noun - A cake that has been covered in fecal matter soaked in urin , giving the feces a yellowish color, and a good disguise incase you want to share some cheesecake with people you dislike.
"Hey Danny , why is feces soaking in urin over here?"
"Im making Cheesecake for dinner with my boss tonight,"

"Yo Tony , can you crap in this container of piss for me?"
"Wtf , why?"
"'Cause I'm making cheesecake for the new neighbours"
"In that case , Sure!"
by Sauceking August 11, 2007
"a ritch tart"
1. a tasty tasty desert

2.that girl in your class who's a bit of a hore. All guys like the cheeseckae cos they're in with a chance, all girls hate the cheesecake because the cheesecake belives herself to be better than them because the cheesecake owns a real designer hanbag. The cheesecake is a a pretty fit bird, but a bit of a chav. She has one devoted side-kick who she doesn't actually like.

boy 1: check out the cheesecake
boy 2: f-i-t
girl1: check out the cheesecake
girl 2: what a slag
by hahagotya January 07, 2007
oral sex
(usualy being performed ON a girl)
"I got some really good cheesecake this weekend"
by Sensual Amber October 11, 2006
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