Something that is not true; Bullshit
Jim: So you telling me D.Wade is better than M.Jordan?!?!
Mike: Hell Yeah!
Jim: That Cheesecake nigga!!
by Cela250 August 13, 2009
Comes from the notion that it "takes money to make money". "Cheese" and "Cake" are both slang terms for money. Therefore, when you put them together, you have "CheeseCake" or, money that you will be using with the primary objective of making more money.
Person 1: "I want to become a pro golfer"
Person 2: "Ha, let me tell you, considering the amount of money thats required for you to spend in order to become a very good golfer (Clubs, Tee Times, Lessons), your gonna need that CheeseCake. Pro golfers make alot of money, but your going to have to spend alot first."

Person A: "Dude I want to start my own business."
Person B: "Yea, but you gotta make that CheeseCake first."

"Yo man, I'm workin this 9-5 so I can get that "CheeseCake" to go gambling with"
by 76565476#*@ June 15, 2009
Derogatory word for a white person (instead of cracker, etc). This comes from the thought that white people have skin "as white as a cheesecake."
That cheesecake can't dance.
by LeeuRex March 25, 2009
What time it is, woot woot!
"What time is it?!" "Cheesecake! Woot woot!"
by Major Sunshine March 13, 2009
A central Nebraskan code word for a person of asian descent.
Dude, three cheesecakes...12 o'clock.
by Kayla Brandt February 06, 2009
"being cheesecake" is when two people are alone together, but one person either makes or receives a phone call that lasts longer than 2-3 minutes
Excerpt from phone conversation:
---"It's really nice hearing from you, but I have to get off the phone soon, cause I'm being cheesecake."

Text message:
---"Hey whats up? I'm bored... I'm hanging out with samm, but she's being a total cheesecake."
by allkindsofnoise October 16, 2008
a beverage including all beer and hard liquor,also used at large parties
Hey Kyra, Do you have the cheesecake yet for the party?
by mike731baby October 10, 2008

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