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noun - A cake that has been covered in fecal matter soaked in urin , giving the feces a yellowish color, and a good disguise incase you want to share some cheesecake with people you dislike.
"Hey Danny , why is feces soaking in urin over here?"
"Im making Cheesecake for dinner with my boss tonight,"

"Yo Tony , can you crap in this container of piss for me?"
"Wtf , why?"
"'Cause I'm making cheesecake for the new neighbours"
"In that case , Sure!"
by Sauceking August 11, 2007
oral sex
(usualy being performed ON a girl)
"I got some really good cheesecake this weekend"
by Sensual Amber October 11, 2006
An over weight person from birmingham or the black country.
I saw a right cheese cake in the bull ring yesterday.
by Simon Enrique September 19, 2006
(v) - to cheesecake; term used when recieving oral sex from a girl -- when jizzing all over her face, punch (or kick) her in the nose; usually results in a cheese cake, looking substance; an obscure form of gothic sex
goth1: "hey stop fandangling with my dog and get on your knees, you're gonna get cheese caked!"
goth2: "but dude I'm a guy..."
by The Jay Factor May 05, 2006
A nasty ritual when a person squats down and places their ass right on top of a sleeping person's face. Right where their nose is at the right place.
" Dude, did you see that? I just totally gave Rick a cheesecake! "

" Hahah! Sick, man! "
by dutchrocker August 14, 2005
my favourite 'alternative insult' used in company that you dont like to swear around. (elderly relatives, strict teachers, friends who fear the 4-letter words mentioning no names ALFIE)
also someone who is really cheesy.
ya cheesecake!
busted are complete cheesecakes.
by goo December 06, 2004
A code word for sex.
Uh, hey baby, how 'bout a little cheesecake.
by Supry One September 13, 2004