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Cheesecake is a dessert consisting of a topping made of soft, fresh cheese (not always cream cheese), usually on a crust or base made from hard biscuits (such as a graham cracker crust), pastry or sponge cake.1 It may be baked or unbaked. Cheesecake is usually sweetened with sugar and may be flavored or topped with fruit, nuts, fruit sauce and/or chocolate. Various flavours of cheesecake exist, such as lemon, strawberry or toffee.
What are you eating?
Oh, I am eating cheesecake.
Cheesecake is one of the best desserts in life.
by david faustino November 14, 2012
When a male ejaculates on a womans face and then proceeds to headbutt the woman , resulting in her nose breaking and blood and semen to cover her entire face.
Girl 1: So did you have sex with cornelius last night?

Girl 2: No , he cheesecaked me and then threw me into the river.

by blaine Xtremius February 03, 2011
Inappropriate gestures made on bus girls and waitresses at The Cheesecake Factory. For example, a misunderstanding due to language barriers leads to unwanted smooches and other unfriendly customer gestures.
Brad just pulled a Cheesecake again
by B. Weis December 28, 2010
A cover word for any kind of Oral Sex.
Dude 1: Did you hear about Brad? He had some AWESOME cheesecake last night.

Dude 2: Man, he's so lucky. I fucking love cheesecake. Alyssa always has good cheesecake.
by alb123 August 30, 2010
Spunking on a girls face and then punching her in the nose. The resulting nosebleed combined with the cum makes it look like a strawberry cheesecake.
Man I gave Joan some cheesecake last night!
by babygirlscrivs August 04, 2010
a yeast infection where chucky puss comes out the vagina... GROSS
i was about to fuck my girlfriend for the first time till she took off her pants and i noticed the cheesecake
by taliantim56 May 01, 2010
Something that is not true; Bullshit
Jim: So you telling me D.Wade is better than M.Jordan?!?!
Mike: Hell Yeah!
Jim: That Cheesecake nigga!!
by Cela250 August 13, 2009
Derogatory word for a white person (instead of cracker, etc). This comes from the thought that white people have skin "as white as a cheesecake."
That cheesecake can't dance.
by LeeuRex March 25, 2009