cheeese burger
2. A derogatory term to describe somebody for doing something completely stupid or just plain retarded.
"What the hell was that? ... your a fucking Cheeseburger!"

"Get that cheesburger the hell out."

"Guess what cheeseburger can't count to three? You!"
by Evan September 23, 2004
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An American-style entree consisting of a patty of grilled, fried, or seared ground beef topped by a slice of cheese, wrapped with two halves of a bun. Common cheeses include American, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack. Buns are generally of the White, Potatoe, or Sesame variety.
Two cheeseburgers and a large coke, your total is two thirty-four. Please pull to the second window.
by Maradine December 29, 2003
a hamburger with cheese on top
person 1--- "hey, what's for lunch?"
person 2--- "cheeseburgers!!"
person 1--- "huh?"
person 2--- "you just ad cheese to the burger"
person 1--- "o, yea!! duh!!"
by briana [sexi ho] June 28, 2006
Delicious food made from cheese and cow. Great for picnics or just a normal meal.
Holy shit Marty sure can eat a fucking cheeseburger. Wow. I mean, that shit is whack, yo. That motherfucker can eat! Look out Hamburglar, Marty will eat your bitch ass too.
by jo mama 23 February 07, 2009
all men would die without this
Hey where'd my cheeseburger go i only took one damn bite out of it!
by The Alex June 22, 2005
A sexual position requiring two women and one man. One woman sits on the other's face, allowing the woman being sat on to provide cunnilingus. The woman receiving cunnilingus must position her posterior parallel to the other woman's breasts. At that point, the man may enter and slide his penis between one woman's breasts until he enters the other woman's anus. This creates a "cheeseburger": two buns, some cheese, and meat.
James: Dude, seriously, why can't I ever get a girlfriend?
Matt: Because you always fucking ask them to get together with Cher and give you a cheeseburger!
by El Manana Chupanibre January 22, 2007
Another word for Acid/Lsd, popularized by Family Guy (FG)

SmellyHippys: hey Peter take this
Peter: What is it?
SmellyHippys: Its a cheese burger ( laughs)
by GOAT FUKER March 06, 2005
The most perfect food in the world! Consisting of ingrediants from all major food groups, it is a vital part of a well-rounded diet. Patriots are huge fans of cheeseburgers, being well aware that this genious invention can be attributed to none other than the U.S. of A. Although delicious, it is also a topic of controversy because it is said by some religious sects that the cheeseburger was the 2nd-day creation, preceeded only by the creation of light, heavens, and Earth.
Marty: Uuuhhhhgg!
Sarah: What's wrong my hansome man?
Marty: I don't feel so stomach aches for something delicious but I don't know what
Sarah: I know! How about a CHEESEBURGER!!
Marty: YAY!!!!!
by bobblehead11 December 07, 2009

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