the best thing ever made.

the best thing you could dip things in.

the best gift you could give your stomache
cheese whiz is just the best thing ever invented ok
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by ms.josephdunurie July 17, 2016
Derogatory slang for a cheap -- often unreliable and/or unsupported -- immitation product.
"... that's what you get for using a cheese-whiz surge protector."
by Andon September 08, 2006
Weapon of mass destruction.
Holy shit! Those iraqies just cheese whizzed us.
by Rah November 21, 2003
A rare medical disorder whereby n00bs at sex ejaculate and urinate at the same time, generally all over their fat partner's face. This medical condition was the inspiration behind the commercially successful condiment known as Cheez Whiz.
when BIlly Bob was done, Juanita had cheese whiz all down her hairy asscrack

"yo deaggg, after she finished rocking my cock i chezzed whizz all in her eyeballz"
by Jerry Slice October 15, 2007
When a woman asks you to spray cheese-whiz in her snatch and use crackers to scoop it out and eat it.
"Kathy asked me to cheese-whiz her last night"
by hkgasd September 24, 2007
O.K., let's say you are fuckin' this girl and she has gonoreah/clamidia and you use no jimmy-hoppers. You fuckin' try to JIZ and it comes out like cheeze wiz because of the glue-like gonno mixed with jizznads.
Dang, I pulled out after jizznads and cheese whiz was all over my dick!
by David!M! January 09, 2006
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