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A basketball shot where a player bounces the ball to himself, and then catches and scores a basket in a single fluid airborne motion.
Hey Max, watch me beat you with the Cheese Whistle!
by Steve Kerr April 03, 2007
Cheese-Whistle: noun.
~ a very discreetly cautious, highly potent, and fortuitously noiseless fart that an individual manages to execute secretly and completely unbeknownst to other persons until it singes their nostril hairs. Provides the cheese-whistler an opportunity to repudiate culpability or blame for the offense, or to accuse another individual, if so desired.

A cheese-whistle is only effective in groups of three persons or more, as any fart that can be traced to the fart-fabricator is thereby disqualified. Any traceable fart, regardless of the volume or pungency, is by default then down-graded and relegated to a less prestigious status, and the failed attempt wafts into a more conventional average-ass-gas category.

*"cheese-whistle" can of course also be utilized as an insult in a name-calling situation or chat-room conflict.
The traffic signal has changed to green, you stupid cheese-whistle, you!
by Max Raincloud May 17, 2011
a whistle made from cheese
hey greg can you pass me the cheese whistle?
by jamie March 17, 2004

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