When a person's dick is relatively short in length but the width is phenomenal. Usually the width is at least 4 times the lengths. A synonym for CheeseWheel is panty wetter.
You oughta seen this guy, his dick was 2 inches long but like a foot long, like a CheeseWheel!!!
by eric_howie May 21, 2014
A nickname given to a male with a penis that is wider than it is long. Otherwise known as a choad.
That guy over there has a cheese wheel.
by 300rum July 27, 2014
a round wheel of cheesy awesomeness.
girl: hmm, im hungry.

guy: u should eat a cheese wheel!
by kolfan June 20, 2009
The act of trying to perform auto-felatio on one's self. Usally done in a sommersault style.
I pulled a muscle in my neck while cheesewheeling.
by MikeVT February 24, 2006
A phallus as wide and thick as a cheese wheel
Get your cheese wheel cut
by Grukasdix March 30, 2009

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