A school bus. Also known as the loser cruiser, freshman Ferrari and yellow limousine.
Brandon rides the cheese wagon to school!
by Marvin Gardens July 06, 2007
When your testicles hang lower than your penis does.
"Geez matthew Sidoti has a cheesewagon"

"Did you see that cheesewagon?"
Man i have an itchy cheesewagon!"
by brett hurst August 08, 2004
A cheesewagon is named as such, because of its yellow color, it smells like cheese inside, because of the filling/stuffing used in all of the seats inside, and the filling also looks like cheese, when someone busts the seat cover open, and takes the filling out. This is the real meaning of "cheesewagon" ...
Me and my friends got on the cheesewagon, and had a fight with the stuffing out of the seats, and threw it at each other, and at the bus driver also.
by John Dogg September 20, 2005
just a mesage.... sid you are queer
umm sid is it true??
by aidan allt October 17, 2004
when your balls hang lower than your dick when lying verticlly letting your three little friends hang towards the ground.
hegie: shit man look at the size of gary's cheese wagon!
merrick: oh my god, that has to be some kind of world record, looks like 3 inches at least...... sexy
jack: wait guys let e get my camera phone out to tak a photo, shit man
by sexy little pig farmer June 09, 2007
adj. word used to describe someone that behaves in a senseless manner.
David Lee Roth is a cheese wagon.
by Denise Pridgen June 23, 2004
When you're confined to a small space that stinks because someone just farted, or because they stink (from bad body odor or stinky perfume).

Or it can refer to you yourself stinking up a small space, that others could enter into... and then they have to endure to horrible smell.
"I just got cheese-wagoned in the elevator by Joe"

"My boss just cheese-wagoned me in his office"

"I need to find an elevator to cheese-wagon in" or "I gotta go find a cheese wagon to fart in"

"I just got "cheese wagoned" in my office by Selma. She smells like old lady perfume & moth balls".
by whoopieding April 28, 2010

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