A cheesewagon is named as such, because of its yellow color, it smells like cheese inside, because of the filling/stuffing used in all of the seats inside, and the filling also looks like cheese, when someone busts the seat cover open, and takes the filling out. This is the real meaning of "cheesewagon" ...
Me and my friends got on the cheesewagon, and had a fight with the stuffing out of the seats, and threw it at each other, and at the bus driver also.
by John Dogg September 20, 2005
Top Definition
A typical, yellow school bus.
We're going to school on the cheese wagon.
by Ivan da' Bear April 16, 2003
A 'Cheese Wagon' refers to a male who's scrotum hangs lower the penis itself.
Lucy: So how was he?
Anna: Awful! He was draggin' a cheese wagon

Mark: Damn its cold in here!
Kyle: Tell me about it! I'm rolling the cheese wagon!

Fran: Michael Angelo's David is so amazing..
#cheese #wagon #penis #dick #balls #funny #cheese wagon #scrot #small #pin
by MasterofBates June 08, 2007
A yellow school bus.
A cheesewagon is a godawful thing. They should be abandonned after elementary school.
by soliloquy February 02, 2005
When a man's testibobbles hang lower than the penis. In other words an asian man's penis. Their penises are that short, it is inevitable for their ballios to hang lower.
Bobby: Ling, why don't you ever go for asian guys?

Ling Ling: Uh...you joking? I don't do my own kind! Don't you know all them brothers got Cheesewagons?
#cheesewagon #asian #man #penis #testibobbles #ballios #lower #short #small #very
by Ling Ling Ang June 13, 2008
A cheesewagon is a term referring to that part of the human anatomy that exists south of the wrist. Yes, when a mans testicles are larger than his penis. One must need a wagon (scrotum) to accommodate such a vast amount of cheese (testicular fluids).
Kid 1:"That sloth kid has a cheesewagon."
Kid 2:"Jack Baker?"
Kid 1:"Yup."
#wagon #cheese #chiz #scrot #wag
by Charles Wagon April 24, 2008
The Cheesewagon, also known as the Cheezwagon, Chezewagon, etc. is a form of transportation, primarily to and from school during grades K-12. IE, the Schoolbus.
Kid 1: Hey, 2 kids got into a fight on the cheesewagon on the way to school.
Kid 2: Whoa!
#schoolbus #chesewagon #chezewagon #yellow bus #bus
by JATO457 May 20, 2011
someone who is corny, punny, rude etc.

shortend term: "wagon"
"chappy is SUCH a cheesewagon!!"

"what a wagon"
#cheesy #corny #rude #annoying #mean
by cesiiii August 07, 2008
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