a solidified cumball. enjoy your next one
Jim: This cheese stick tastes like cum.

Bob: That's because it is! Now please tell me how you know what cum tastes like.
by yoyoPICKLEyoyo May 16, 2009
Someone who has a perfect opportunity to hook up but blows it sheerly because he lacks mental game.
Bill had a perfect shot with Emily but he let it slip right through his fingers. Now he's the cheese stick of the year.
by Millswag5114 February 04, 2012
A girl who gets so many tans that she becomes orange, making her a cheesestick
Guy 1: Lulz, that girl over there is orange, she needs to quit tanning
Guy 2: Lulz, she looks like a cheesestick
by YugoRocketsFan April 19, 2009
a code word used by gangsters that means beer or alchohol so that other people or thier parents don't know what they are talking about
yo man are u getting some cheese sticks for friday night?
by R-Dawg of the MG September 09, 2005
When a girl shoots her yellowish-green cottage cheese discharge on a guys penis and then she licks it off
"dude that freak totally gave me a cheese stick this weekend"
"No WAY! i heard Michael got a cheese stick too!"
by Justin :) February 26, 2008
A semi chubbed penis that blossoms at awkward times. Occurs most often to people with the nickname of cheese.
Girl: He has such a small cheese stick!
by bpalme_10 July 24, 2016
The cheese stick is a sex position where you have three guys going at a girl each orphus and releasing their "cheese" in her
Jennifer got totally Cheese sticked last night
by PicklePanda October 21, 2015
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