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1# Cheese dipper - a small snack with cream cheese and pensel shaped crackers.

2# Cheese Dipper - A virgin wanker. Someone who haven't had sex yet but mastrubates 3 times a day.

3# Cheese Dipper - Are use in the game of counter strike as another word for camper or baiter.
1# Would you grap a package of cheese dippers while you are at the market.

2# Go fetch them your self, you cheesedipper.

3# OMG get moving, you cheesedipper.
by Tjalfe June 27, 2007
An idiot that makes a fool of him/herself in front of loads of people or in public.
Also can be associated by having a blonde moment (bimbo).
"Whens Bruce Lee's next film?"
"You're such a cheese dipper"
by Dave Salman April 30, 2006