a condition that causes one to be completely submerged in the cultural landscape of homosexuality, while simultaneously being blinded by dellusions of grandeur.
Man, whitey is such a cheesedick at buy-rite.
by ray liotta August 03, 2006
See wanker or poindexter.
What a cheesedick. He'll never get laid or have any real friends.
by Joe December 11, 2003
A guy who has venereal disease which has caused a serious infection on his penis that oozes puss.
That freakin' hippie is a cheesedick, so you had better stay away from him.
by Bubba May 09, 2003
An ignorant, stupid, mentally challeneged ignoramous who fucks up constantly despite being shown the way.
"That Cheesedick has read the manual 15 times and still cannot install a stick of ram without supervision.
by WyckedDreamz May 01, 2003
A martian of extra-terrestrial origins which lives on this planet among humans. Has a cheesy laugh and finds all jokes funny that are made against other people. However, whenever the joke is aimed at him, he becomes insanely "butt-hurt" and says "Not Coooool." The CHEESEDICK also makes a fool out of himself when he is drunk by puking all over everything.
Hey guys! Look at that martian, he's such a Cheesedick!
by Cockfondleskins April 19, 2011
Trying to make a cheesy joke in class, when in reality the joke isn't anywhere near funny and the person is being a complete dick.
Dr. Bowling tried to make a cheesy joke in class today and no one laughed at it because in reality he was just being a cheesedick.
by toolshed61 March 25, 2011
1. people who dont know how to shut the fuck up, or dont pay attention
Rivera is such a cheesedick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010

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