An uncircumsized male.
Named due to the smegma or 'cheese' that gathers under and around the foreskin.
Yuk...Glad Im not a cheese-dick.
by Diego November 04, 2003
having the personality of a cocksucker
That Joe sure is a fucking cheesedick!
by blzdp June 23, 2003
sage loves joey more

x's infinity
i winnn cheese dick :PP
by sagelovesyou November 15, 2009
someone who passes on a joint/bowl/pipe/etc.
"Can you believe Consuelo passed on that chronic? What a cheese dick."
by Roger Rabbit 420 April 19, 2008
Considered as a type of curse word or "cuss". Origin: Bruce Willis, from the movie "The Sixth Sense"
Yeah keep on walking, cheesedick.
by Jack Glasgow March 08, 2008
1.Dumb ass 2.Fooling around in general
1.That cheesedick is really starting to piss me off. 2.Will you guys stop all that cheesedickery and give me a hand?
by Will Crenshaw September 22, 2006
A guy with no game who makes girls feel uncomfortable, commonly found in clubs, bars, and frat parties. Usually tries to emulate Sopronos characters, but fails miserably.
Wow that guy with to much gel in his hair looks like a real cheesedick.
by Martin Donovan December 07, 2006

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