When you dip your dick in cheese and get a midget girl to lick it off and then stick it in her ass.
Man, look at that midget bitch, I'd love to cheese dick her.
by Mace from Spiffeh land July 03, 2006
A cheesy, arrogant dick head on ADV who is passive-aggressive and wants a piece of you, out of the blue.
Yater brought it on, but there wasn't much there. He is a cheese dick if there ever was one!
by BobFV1 December 28, 2007
Alternate for Dickhead. Cheese Dick refers to persons from the upper midwest of nordic decent. Cheese head becomes Cheese Dick. This also applys to dim-witted Minnesotans as well. You betcha!
Hey Guido, can you believe that cheesedick just stopped to let me fuck him outta this parking space?

Instead of saying move it buddy this cheesedick says"excuse me".

These cheesedicks never stop talkin' about nothin'.
by rodz June 03, 2005
The person who '"got trashed last night", "hooked up with this hot girl", "drank a whole bottle of jack"...but everyone knows they're making it up to seem cool.

Note: cheese dicks travel in packs
CheeseDick: "Guys check this out its fuckin awesome!"

Guys: "Thats the stupidest thing i've ever seen, you fuckin' cheesedick."
by CORD March 29, 2005
An imbecilic individual, usually a male person, who generally does not lack in mental prowess but is sorely lacking in charisma and the social skill necessary to apply his intellect in a useful, practical or agreeable manner.
Justin Gilmartin is a huge cheesedick
by JGisaCheeseDICK October 20, 2011
getting hot nacho cheese put on you dick and having a girl suck it off
this one time Ben (Cheese Dick) was at the movies and there was no one in there and this chick heather (Chedda Momma) dipped his penis in hot nacho cheese and then sucked it off.
by yuechen wang February 11, 2008
one who has a pus discharge from his penis, a std!
if you keep f**king the hooker you might get cheese dick
by g3rd January 09, 2005
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