A shitty driver with Wisconsin plates, who usually drives in the left lane despite not going fast enough to pass other drivers travelling in the right lane. Usually found on I-94.
Move your ass you cheesedick!

Shit or get off the pot you fucking cheesedick!
by JoeVertical June 13, 2013
Someone who is very greedy with their stuff and hardly ever shares. The Jude of person who leaves a note telling sombody that it is theirs. Wether it is tasty food (like cookie dough for example) or a new game they bought.
"Dude Dennis is such a cheese dick with his stuff"
by Bo brown nose May 24, 2014
Someone who wears cut offs/ or tight shirts and straight billed hats/ or gels his hair. Goes to parties like a faggot and drinks mixed drinks. Of course hes wearing his extremely expensive new Jordans.
Going to a party in my tight gay shirt to show my muscles. Gelled my hair with my oakley shades. "Yea bro, i want a shot, actually just mix it with some strawberry lemonade...I'm a Cheese Dick!"
by TMONEY DSMITH September 30, 2009
The person that started this website
Who's the cheese dick that started this stupid website
by fredz July 03, 2006
When you dip your dick in cheese and get a midget girl to lick it off and then stick it in her ass.
Man, look at that midget bitch, I'd love to cheese dick her.
by Mace from Spiffeh land July 03, 2006
Someone who continuously tries to screw you over while playing video games.
I won't play with Smash Brothers with Dave Murdoch anymore, he's being a cheese dick.
by Lunch Box January 30, 2005
An extremely cheesy or corny person, who noramlly goes by the name "Paul" or last name "Guiliano." Cheese Dicks often appear genuinely funny at first but then turn out to be assholes. Cheese Dicks are easily identifiable by their dense coat of arm hair and balding head.
Hunter: "Damn, Mr. Guiliano is such a cheese dick!!!!"
Caroline: "I know right! Last week that fucking cheese dick preached about morals in History for almost and hour!!!!!!!!! You should've been there!"
Hunter: "Ugh, what a fucking cheese dick thing to do!"
by Oliver Poindexter June 01, 2011

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