my lord and savior
"Cheeses died on the cross for my sins"
by December 28, 2003
Synonym for: RUN AWAY
Oh shit its the police! CHEESE!
by MSTJ September 27, 2010
1) Something people say when trying to be random when they aren't.

2) A really good food which shouldn't be good at all but is. Hey, it's rotten milk! Dairy gone bad shouldn't be that good...
1) Don't say cheese because you can't be original. Just don't

2) Hey, want to go eat some rotten milk? Yes, you idiot, I mean cheese! Just because it's 4 years old doesn't mean it tastes bad!
by musicfan62 March 17, 2009
A term used when something completely unrealistic happens in a multiplayer or single player game, costing the player to lose a life, make themselves look bad, or allow the other player(s) to score.

Synonymous with B.S.
"Come on! I hit the crossbar like three times! That's some cheese right there."
by sedoop April 11, 2015
Cheese is Black Heroine cut with Tylenol PM - deadly, inexpensive, already caused death in Texas,
Cheese is named such because it looks like parmesean.
by TABBYB May 31, 2007
When a video game character is really cheap, does copious amounts of damage, is usually decent on the tier lists and n00b-friendly (meaning you can just push the same button over and over again and win). E.g. Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Noel Vermillion in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.
Wow, way to pick Ryu. He's so cheese.
by 1337ChunChun December 08, 2010
A. THE FOOD: You know, like that stuff you eat. Made from milk, it's dairy. Usually yellow or white. Tastes real good. "Cheese" in this fashion is used the most.

B. THE CASH: the word cheese is also used to mean money, cash, dollars, and change; that sort of thing. This version of "cheese" is moderately used.

C. THE...: "Cheese" can sometimes mean a sweaty or unclean penis. It can also mean people having sex. These meanings are used the least.
A. Yum! This cheese tastes really good! Yum in my tum!

B. I needed fuck load of cheese to get me out of that situation!

C. So, I hear you and kate made cheese last night? True?
by Miles Davis October 26, 2005

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