Marajuna, cannabis,
cheese roll = cannabis cigarette
smoke the "cheese"
That's safe that "cheese" is.
Make a "cheese roll"
by Des smyth August 26, 2005
It all started from one drunkin night of eating mass amounts of cheese and leaving it in the side of a friends car "for later" which turned into much later so now it means "any drunken mistake"
"oh sorry about that cheese last night"
"Can you believe that cheese i pulled last night"
"Dude i took some cheese for the team last night"
by Dre and Yaks June 07, 2003
The String Cheese Incident (a band)
Lets listen to Cheese.
by John "Awesome" Szymanski March 17, 2003
Dick, penis, whatever you wanna call it
She sucked that guys cheese real well.
by Sarah December 09, 2002
To engage in sexual intercourse
Hey baby, wanna go somewhere private and cheese?
by Mister Super Cheeser December 23, 2003
a word used to refer to weed or marijuana when you don't want everybody around you to know

They call it cheesing because its Fon-to-do
Guy 1: Hey you want to cheese after class?
Guy 2: Yeah, I'm fresh out of cheddar though. I need get some more
Guy 1: Don't worry, I'll cheese you up
by Juicy en December 14, 2014
The police, officers of the law.
Im running late because the fucking cheese pulled me over for driving 5 miles over the speed limit!
by Elolo December 07, 2014

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