A common codeword for marijuana. Often used in the presence of authoritative figures to dismay any suspicions of consumption of marijuana.
"Wanna go halves on some cheese?"

"If there's one thing I enjoy more than any other, it's a good bit of cheese."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
Noun. Something that is unfair, stupid, or making no sense at all.
Man, That's Cheese!
by Gateway 412 February 19, 2011
1. v. To behave erratically, worry, or freak out (referring to a person).

2. v. To break, or otherwise fuck up (referring to an object).
1. When she realized she was late, Melinda cheesed.

2. CHEMCAD is cheesing its balls off; a valve won't converge.
by The Party Gentleman November 08, 2010
a loud vart
dude, she just cheesed
by matt bass November 05, 2010
Computer Humanoid Electronically Enhanced Secret Enforcer.
hey, why are you so mean to me?
by missmongoose November 02, 2010
Also could mean jizz or sperm.
"That guy cheesed in his pants."
by xX French_Toast Xx February 04, 2010
the fat on your body thats all shriveled up and bumpy. it will remind you of swiss cheese or COTTAGE CHEESE!!!! the holey kind:) or really really bumpy and squishy! yum!!! xD
whats that on your stomach man????
dude i got cheese!!!!!
eew man! you should get that checked out, its nasty!
dude i no! it reminds me of your face and its creeping me out!! :P
by becca XD January 26, 2010
A dairy product used to make food such as grilled cheeses mmmmm oh yeah and it is also used when emos want to be random
emo 1- I like cheese!
emo 2- Yeah you are so random lolz
regular person- you guys are gay as crap
by emosSUCKeggs! November 28, 2009

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