A common codeword for marijuana. Often used in the presence of authoritative figures to dismay any suspicions of consumption of marijuana.
"Wanna go halves on some cheese?"

"If there's one thing I enjoy more than any other, it's a good bit of cheese."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
A more accurate definition of cheese in Starcraft 2:

A cheese strategy is simply a high risk/high reward tactic which aims to win a game with little strategic effort, and relies on the failure of the opponent to properly react. A cheese strategy will often leave the cheeser at a significant disadvantage should the cheese fail.

Perhaps the most popular example is the photon cannon rush, in which photon cannons are built in close proximity to the enemy base so that they can be used offensively. If spotted early, the cannon rush will likely fail and the defending player will have a significant economic advantage, exemplifying the high risk/high reward nature of cheese.

A cheese strategy does NOT necessarily take advantage of imbalances in the game, and most cheeses are easily countered if they are spotted early and there is adequate time to prepare (hence why many cheeses rely on poor scouting).

Cheese is often regarded as "cheap" or "dirty" play, as the player cheesing does not try to counter their opponent or adjust their strategy. "All-in" strategies are good examples of this.

Below are some more examples of cheeses. Note how each cheese strategy takes advantage of "common" flaws in the defending player's build/strategy. If the flaw is not present, the cheese will likely be countered and lose:
Worker Rush (Drones, Probes, or SCV only) - Takes advantage of poor reaction and micro (the defending player must use their workers)
Early All-in (Zerglings/Drones, Zealots/Probes, Marines/SCVs) - Takes advantage of poor scouting, poor early defense, and improper reaction (If the defending player fails to use their workers, the cheese will be effective)
Proxy Rush (Gateways or Barracks near enemy base) - Takes advantage of poor scouting and poor early defense.

Dark Templar Rush - Takes advantage of lack of detection
Void Ray Rush - Takes advantage of lack of anti-air and/or lack of early pressure
Cannon Rush - Takes advantage of poor scouting

Reaper Rush - Takes advantage of poor scouting and early defense
Marine Rush - Takes advantage of poor scouting and early defense
Planetary Fortress Rush - Takes advantage of poor scouting

Zergling Rush (6, 7, or 10 pool are most common) - Takes advantage of poor scouting, improper reaction (Vs. 6/7 pool, you must user workers), and poor early defense

There are others, these are just the most common.
by Ark-47 March 07, 2012
A word that expresses a huge amount of love towards another person. Otherwise seen as <|
It puts into words emotions that cannot otherwise be shown with simple words such as love or adore, or like.
Susan: You're the best, I cheese you

Mary: Awwww <|
by Hermionioty March 26, 2013
Its a drug containg crushed tylenol PM tablets and heroin.Its taken by sniffing it throught the nose and you get the high from Heroin but you get knocked out by the PM.
Hey man can i get some of that cheese.
by RY-RY April 29, 2006
verb: To smile an extra-big, toothy, slightly goofy smile
"Look at her cheesin' just because he called her back"
by onisha August 09, 2005
v. 1. to trick, convince, cheat, steal on or fool. to pull the wool over ones eyes
2. slacking off at a responsibility
3. to use a loophole, glitch or shistey manuever
1. tom cheesed bill, he sold him a beat 8th
2. i told tom to go cut the backyard and all he did was cheese the whole time
3. bill got off for murder because the cops fumbled evidence, he totally cheesed his way out of that one
by christopher dockray December 11, 2005
A really funny character on the cartoon network show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" He is really annoying and always says stuff like ''i like chocolate milk''. Gotta love Cheese! He always goes to Foster's Home even though he doesnt live there.
Foster's Home resident-"CHEESE YOU DON'T LIVE HERE!!! GO HOME!!!"
Cheese-*deep breath* "okayyy!!"
by india August 17, 2006
1 : Smegma that collects around the head of an unwashed male genitalia.

2 : Something tacky but unashamedly cheerful and bouncy.

3 : What you say to get the little bastards to smile for their primary school photos.
1 : David really needs to shower more. He's got more cheese in his pants than a deli counter.

2 : Steps made music that was cheese.

3 : Say cheese!!!
by Kinkystudent September 04, 2005
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