A really funny character on the cartoon network show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" He is really annoying and always says stuff like ''i like chocolate milk''. Gotta love Cheese! He always goes to Foster's Home even though he doesnt live there.
Foster's Home resident-"CHEESE YOU DON'T LIVE HERE!!! GO HOME!!!"
Cheese-*deep breath* "okayyy!!"
by india August 17, 2006
1. A good friend.
2. A good friend who is committing an act that steps over the line.
1. Hey cheese, what's up.
2. Listen cheese, keep your hands off my wife's ass.
by hititlong January 01, 2006
my lord and savior
"Cheeses died on the cross for my sins"
by terminalblue.dyndns.org December 28, 2003
high grade skunk(maryjane). usually sticky and sometimes fluffy. smells a bit minty and fresh. It has a very strong smell. The bud tends to be a lighter green colour than standard skunk. Can cause hallucinations if bonged. mainly grown in England and easily available in Milton keynes.
yo thats some mad cheese u got there. can i get a henry.
by magicmonkiboy September 09, 2009
A fucking delicious food made from the mammary secretions of various animals.
"Dude this cheese is fuckin killer."
by What the Shit? October 02, 2008
A character on fosters home of imaginary friends. He likes chocolate milk and cereal.
Cheese is my fucking hero
by Holly Matronic April 25, 2007
It's a mixture of heroin and Tylenol PM. Mainly sold for 2.00$. Very addicting drug that is consumed through snorting.
People have died from this drug called 'cheese' DON'T DO IT. IT MAKES YOU UGLY!!!
by Cheeseaphobic March 24, 2007
Synonym for: RUN AWAY
Oh shit its the police! CHEESE!
by MSTJ September 27, 2010

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