A really funny character on the cartoon network show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" He is really annoying and always says stuff like ''i like chocolate milk''. Gotta love Cheese! He always goes to Foster's Home even though he doesnt live there.
Foster's Home resident-"CHEESE YOU DON'T LIVE HERE!!! GO HOME!!!"
Cheese-*deep breath* "okayyy!!"
by india August 17, 2006
someone with orange hair, and orange shoes
kevin:cheese how you doin.

cheese:fine. u
by #75 May 01, 2006
the stuff that sells like poo when it gets warm but cheese is tasty when cold. comes in diffrent flavors.the newest flavor is the one that tastes anchovies.
some cheese is good some is bad.
by Jace m. July 21, 2005
lubricant when melted
heat up that cheese i want to have some fun
melt that cheese and get me a sock
by schocher March 25, 2003
Cellulite on a woman's body, particularly on the butt and the backs of the thighs. Cheese can also be defined as large dimples on the butt cheeks that are not necessarily cellulite. Considered an incredibly disgusting sight by Lombardi and other men in an area in north Central Florida.
Lombardi: Ryan and Robert, I saw three generations of cheese one time: the daughter, the mother, and the grandmother, and they all had cheese!

Robert: Cheese? Sick!

Ryan: Hey, you gotta get what you gotta get nowadays.
by RyanT January 20, 2006
the act of hanging out with another person
Hey, so do you wanna come over and cheese later on?
by jordan March 28, 2005
Cheese covered feces... in a box!
God: ... eating cheeses
Greg: Ah! How can you eat those things?
God: I am the Lord Almighty! I can eat any motherf***ing thing I want!
sweat from a males genetalia
Yo, smell my cheese...
You got some horrible cheese...
by lifuz May 14, 2003

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