Noun: Someone who hangs out with people who have money, with the sole intent of using them to score free things, meals, drinks, etc; someone who goes out on dates to score free meals; dinner whore.

Verb: The act of taking or hogging something with no regards to the owner's personal property.
Noun: That cheese weasel got me to spend all of my money on her, then she took off!

Verb: Don't cheese weasel all the chips!
by DjSuzySolar September 07, 2006
The by product of a three week diet consisting solely of cheese and corn. Usually deep fried in corn oil.
Yo D-train, Im goin on down to Marconi's to get some cheese weasel. Quieres?
by Jon Dub November 15, 2008
A man who prefers to perform cunnilingus on a woman while she has a yeast infection.
Debbie had a yeast infection this week and that dirty cheese weasel ate her out every day.
by GoinHAM March 02, 2008
A cheese weasel who is a woman (or gay man)who prefers to commit oral sex on uncircuncised men rather than scar dicks.
She explained that she was a cheese weasel, and wouldn't gime me head because I was cut like a jewboy.
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
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