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the result of a waitress using arm service to deliver food to a table and her boobs coming in contact with any cheese or sauce which is highly visible
Jane said, "Eewww, we got the dirty waitress!" Dick said, "Look, she has cheese tits!"
by Correen December 09, 2008
5 19
This is a nickname given to a girl with breasts which are very saggy. Often when a girl loses large quantities of weight the breasts lose volume, but the skin is still the same size. In this situation her breasts become a similar consistency to sacks, loosely filled with cottage cheese. Hence the nickname Cheese Tits.
"I got this girl home thinking she was slammin hot. Got to second base and realized she had Cheese Tits. gross.
by FatBitchKilla April 03, 2008
47 64
A women who secretes milky gunk from her nipples, if left for a few days its smells like mouldy cheese, therefore the term cheese tits is born.
' Oh my god, i got with this girl last night and her cheese tits made me sick man'
by Carina Crolla February 16, 2005
9 42
A slut who has breast cancer that eats holes in her tits.
"That bitches cunt droops down to her knees and her cancer ridden tits look like swiss cheese... she should go to the doctor or kill herself or something."
by JayR August 27, 2003
6 53