when it is an all in one, meaning the chesse is cum the tomato sauce is blood after punching her in the face and the saucage is your poo
see that cheese pizza on that bitch
by Sammy March 29, 2005
Top Definition
child pornography
Hey wanna go downtown and get some cheese pizza?
by anon936 June 07, 2010
Child pornography. Yeah.
"Dude, did you hear ___ got arrested for owning 'cheese pizza'"? "Holy shit, man."
by a funni meme February 03, 2015
Yummy as fuck
Cheese pizza is yummy as fuck
by brunette12 April 09, 2016
pizza with cheese on it. a layer of crust, with tomato sauce on top and then cheese.
Joe: "hey lets go get some pizza"

Jerry: "alright, what type should we get?"

Joe: "I'm thinking just a plain cheese pizza"
by MizFitt June 04, 2012
Someone who is lacking distinctive characteristics. A person that could neither be called ugly nor attractive. This could also apply to a person with a fairly neutral personality.
Most people do not have a strong distaste for cheese pizzas but would much prefer a pizza with more toppings. Cheese Pizzas usually go unnoticed because there is usually something else that is more interesting to look at. They are commonly referred to using the terms "lingerer" or "That Guy/Girl". These are the types of people whose Characters are mentioned in a film's closing credits as "Store Clerk" or "Dog Walker".
Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played Rachel in the film "The Dark Knight" is a close to perfect example of a cheese pizza (except the fact that she was cast in a leading role). The true test was when her character died at the end of the movie and no strong emotion was felt by the audience. In fact if it wasn't for the explosion that killed her, many people would not have noticed her disappearance.
by Papa Pearso April 30, 2011
when two girls and one guy take off their clothes. one girl bends over onto the bed face first while the other girl and the guy fuck hard,really hard. the guy pulls out before he can cum to let the girl he was just fucking gush out blood all over the girls ass who was laying on the bed the guy then cums on the girls ass creating a cheese pizza
Jessica and Anthony gave that girl a nasty cheese pizza.
by Max O. May 30, 2008
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