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A mightily cheesy pussy. Smells like cheese, looks like cheese, tastes like cheese. Is it cheese? Cheesehole.
Yo girl, this ain't a wine and cheese hole party!
by Chocobot H. August 08, 2006
A cheesehole is a nickname for a condition of the chest known as "pectus excavatum"...which basically means chest hole. It is a deformation of the chest at birth, in which the ribs curve in to make an indentation near the lungs. There is a cosmetic surgery to correct this that involves breaking and moving the ribs, but you could also just pump iron until the muscles cover up the indentation. It was given the name "cheesehole" when a cousin of a victim suggested he put nacho cheese in it and eat nachos out of it when they were children. Since then, the word "cheesehole" has spread throughout the midwest United States. Pectus Excavatum isn't as rare as most people think it is. There is another un-named condition called pectus evacuatum in which, naturally, the rubs curve outward instead of inward.
Dude...have you ever like, put cereal in your cheesehole, and used a spoon to eat it out?
by Imza October 06, 2004

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